•The Story on how it all Started...

• In the early months of 2000, Dimitris, 17 years old at the time, was looking around for a car club to join. Dimitris had the idea to customize his 1994 Nissan Sentra. He came about a childhood friend (Ralph) in October 2000 and both attempted to start a club called "Wicked Ryders". After a couple of weeks, the club was abandoned and Dimitris went on the road to search for a club to join. When searching, he saw that many clubs didn’t let anyone join the club unless their car was in showroom condition and the member had to go to a meeting every week. So, Dimitris didn’t like the idea of that and wanted to start his own club that would let people join the club with their ride stock and would give them time to customize it.

On December 19, 2000, Dimitris had a "Dream", a vison, to have his car club different than the other & was thinking of a name for the club when he was listening to Power96© (radio station in Miami) and heard a commercial from Santa’s Enchanted Forest©. He liked the word, Enchanted, so he thought about which word would sound good together with Enchanted. He tried the word, Dreams but with a "Z" instead of the "S". That same day, Dimitris asked several friends of what they thought about "Enchanted Dreamz".

Four days later on December 23, 2000, Dimitris Labatos and Yoniel Boza got the process started & officially establish the club becoming the first members of the club & registering with the National Lowrider Club Registry.

At this time, Enchanted DreamZ has 2 chapters (Miami, FL & Hampton, VA) & has 12 members.

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