The History Of The Enchanted Dreamz Car & Bike Club
All Car Clubs and Bike Clubs have a History. The Enchanted DreamZ Car & Bike Club is a unique group like no other. Starting from one boy with one dream who wanted to bring the lowrider movement to another level in his city of Miami, Florida. As of today, Enchanted Dreamz currently has 2 chapters located in Miami & Hampton.

Enchanted DreamZ formerly had chapters in Evansville, Indiana; Cape Coral, Florida; Charlotte County, Florida; B.C., CANANDA; Bayonet Point, Florida; Tampa, Florida; & Orlando, Florida. The Founder/CEO Dimitris Labatos created a timeline of what it took Enchanted DreamZ to create such a Club in almost TWO Decades!
Important Historic dates of the Enchanted DreamZ history
December 19, 2000-
• Name & Font (ToonTime) was given to the Club.
December 23, 2000-
• Enchanted DreamZ Car & Bike Club was established.
January 4-25, 2001-
• Enchanted DreamZ Car Decal was drawn.
January 7-31, 2001-
• Club Logo & Plaque was drawn.
January 14, 2001-
• Club goes to its first show as spectators. (Lowrider Magazine 2001 Pura Plata tour in Miami, FL.)
February 2, 2001-
• Enchanted DreamZ based chapter in Miami, FL. & Miami chapter banner was purchased.
March 8, 2001-
• Enchanted DreamZ webpage
( wins the 2001-2002 Golden Web Award.
April 6, 2001-
• Domain Name ( was registered.
April 8, 2001-
• Official Website was built.
May 16, 2001-
• Miami chapter's first set of shirts & hats were ordered.
August 24, 2001-
• Miami chapter held it’s First club meeting at Tropical Park.
February 21, 2002-
• Official website wins the 2002-2003 Golden Web Award.
February 26, 2002-
• Alex Labatos becomes the first member to register for a show (Lowrider Magazine 2002 Scrapin’ tour in Tampa, FL.) & first member to register a bike (16").
April 2, 2002-
• Lazerwerks designed the new logo & clubs plaque.
April 21, 2002-
• Alex Labatos becomes the first member to participate in a show (Lowrider Magazine 2002 Scrapin’ tour in Tampa, FL.), first member to participate his bike, & win an award (2nd place in 16” street custom).
August 11, 2002-
• Carlos Salhuana becomes the first member to win 2 awards (1st place & Best Display) in one show (Lowrider Magazine 2002 Scrapin’ tour “Summer Slam Series” in Miami, FL.)
October 19, 2002-
• Dimitris Labatos becomes the first member to register a Car (1980 Chevy Monte Carlo) & win an award (1st Place) in the car catagory.
October 23, 2002-
• Club has it's first online meeting in AOL Private Chat: Enchanted DreamZ
November 1, 2002-
• Natalie Moreno from the Ft. Lauderdale chapter becomes the first club member to participate in the SPL Shootout (Whitlee's Car's Club Electronics car show), and win an award(3rd place) and become the show in which club wins it's own record of 5 trophies. (Two- 1st place, One- 2nd, & One- 3rd)
November 20, 2002-
• Ft. Lauderdale chapter club banner was purchased and chapter was officially established.
November 24, 2002-
• Natalie Moreno resigned as Ft. Lauderdale, FL chapter president & Kelli Watts was named the new chapter president
December 2002-
• Club Founder/CEO, Dimitris Labatos & MIXER Magazine's interview comes out on the issue.
February 15, 2003-
• Dimitris Labatos becomes the first member in the club to have hydraulics on his car. (1980 Chevy Monte Carlo)
May 2003-
• Carlos Salhuana-Miami, 20" lowrider bike comes out on the May 2003 issue of Lowrider Magazine.
May 3, 2003-
• Website remodeled & enhanced with new look.
May 17-18, 2003-
• Chris Munoz-Miami, became the first member to come out on local television. (MUN2- SpeedLogic)
August 2003-
• Carlos Salhuana-Miami & Kelli Watts-Ft. Lauderdale, 20" lowrider bikes come out on the August 2003 issue of Lowrider Magazine.
Summer 2003-
• Carlos Salhuana, Alex Labatos-Miami, & Kelli Watts, bikes come out on the Summer 2003 issue of the Lowrider Bicycle Magazine.
October 5, 2003-
• Enchanted DreamZ hosted it's first car show at the Miami Orange Bowl stadium
January 2004-
• New Hampton, Virginia & Evanville, Indiana chapters opened up.
January 11, 2004-
• Enchanted DreamZ, won the club's first club participation award (Best Bike Club) at Lowrider Magazine's 2004 Evolution Tour, Miami show.
February 1, 2004-
• The Hampton chapter had it's first meeting.
February 10, 2004-
• The Evansville chapter had it's first meeting.
February 15, 2004-
• Miami chapter won 3rd place on club participation at the 305 motoring car show, making it the second club participation award won in clubs history.
April 4, 2004-
• Enchanted DreamZ, won the club's third club participation award (Best Bike Club) at the Lowrider Magazine's 2004 Evolution Tour, Tampa show. Winning both of the Best Bike Club awards for the two Lowrider Magazine, Florida shows. (Miami & Tampa)
May 29, 2004-
• Enchanted DreamZ- Miami chapter, held it's first fundraiser car wash at Arby's on Sunset Dr. raising $114.
December 6, 2004-
• Enchanted DreamZ- Miami chapter gets it's first P.O. Box.
January 16, 2005-
• Enchanted DreamZ, won the club's 4th club participation award (Best Bike Club) & their 2nd- straight year winning the Lowrider Magazine's, Miami show, "BIKE CLUB- MOST MEMBERS" award.
April 3, 2005-
• Enchanted DreamZ misses out on Lowrider Magazine, 2005 Tampa show for the first time since 2001 & sadly ends their run at a 4th- consecutive Lowrider Magazine "Most Bike Club Members" award in the Florida shows.
May 2005-
• Enchanted DreamZ, Miami & Ft. Lauderdale chapters come out in a group picture in the Lowrider Magazine, June 2005 issue from the Lowrider Magazine- Miami show.
May 18, 2005-
• Enchanted DreamZ opens it's 7th chapter in its history in Charlotte County, Florida.
July 10, 2005-
• Miami & Charlotte County chapters meets for first time in Collier County, FL.
October 2005-
• The 1st Annual Enchanted DreamZ car, truck, & spl show comes out in the November 2005 issue of Lowrider Magazine
January 7, 2006-
• The Historical 5th year anniversary party goes down at Hooters(tm) as the award for the2004- 2005 Mosted Dedicated Member of the Miami chapter went to Manny Larzabal and the night ended with the after party at Don Carters Bowling Lanes(tm) where as the 5 year-Miami chapter President, Dimitris Labatos steps down and Abdiel Lopez is named the new President.
May 5, 2006-
• For the 3rd time in five months, The Miami chapter gets a new Vice-President, Ernesto Ramirez.
May 9, 2006-
• New Iberia, Louisiana becomes the 8th chapter in the clubs history.
July 25, 2006-
• For the Second time in Three months, Enchanted DreamZ opens another chapter branching out in Orlando, Florida.
August 13, 2006-
• wins the Art Space's, 2006-2007 "World Web Award of Excellence".
FALL 2006-
• Dimitris interview with Viviendo Magazine on Hispanic Car Clubs comes out on the Fall 2006 Issue at over 1,700 Wal-Mart (tm) stores.
February 18, 2007-
• Enchanted Dreamz Miami & Ft.Lauderdale chapters celebrates the clubs 6th Anniversary in Arby's at Pembroke Pines as Jose Lopez was awarded the 2005-2006 Most Dedicated Member of the Miami chapter.
March 25, 2007-
• Enchanted Dreamz opens another chapter in Florida located in Bayonet Point.
March 2007-
• Jose Lopez becomes the first member to have Hydraulics on his lowrider Trike.
April 1, 2007-
• Enchanted DreamZ wins their 5th Club Participation award at the Lowrider Tampa show winning the "Most Bike Club Members" award & had 3 different members winning (Most wins at a Lowrider Magazine show).
-Also Jose Lopez became the first member to win an award with a Tricycle (3rd place Mild- Trike)
April 5, 2007-
• Abdiel Lopez resigns as MIAMI chapter president to become Ft. Lauderdale chapter President as he becomes the First member to become President of 2 different chapters (Miami & Ft. Lauderdale) of Enchanted DreamZ.
March 30, 2008-
• The Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando chapters all participate at the Lowrider Tampa show take home the 2008 MOST BIKE CLUB MEMBERS AWARD.
April 2008-
• Jose Lopez wins the 2007 "Most Dedicated Member" award becoming the first member to win that award two straight years.
September 13, 2009-
• Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, & Orlando chapter meet up for the first time since the Lowrider Magazine Tampa car show on March 30, 2008 at the Inaugural Marlins Cruise-in/baseball game at Landshark Stadium.
October 11, 2009-
• Apple Angie & Arrienne Camacho become the first official models of the car club doing a photoshoot at Watson Island.
May 16, 2010-
• Dimitris Labatos becomes the first member to win prize money ($250 for 3rd place 2 door- Wild Class LOWRIDER) at the Car Warz 2010 show at the Seminole Hardrock hotel & casino in Hollywood, Fl.
December 19, 2010-
• Miami & Ft. Lauderdale chapters participate at the Car Show King's Toy For Tots car show & win 3rd place for Club Participation. (7th time in clubs history)
December 26, 2010-
• Enchanted Dreamz celebrates its 10th Year Anniversary at Dave & Busters (Dolphin Mall) as Marlon Gonzalez won the 2010 Most Dedicated Member award (2nd year in a row).
May 15, 2011-
• Host it's first Annual picnic & car show Enchanted Dreamz annual picnic at Snyder Park in Fort Lauderdale, but was relocated due to rain.
December 5, 2011-
• Puerto Rican singer, Miguelito uses 3 of our lowrider bikes ("South Park", Overnight Celebrity", & hopper-"Taste of Envy") for the TV show on Telefutura called "Tombola".
November 30, 2014-
• Miami chapter participates in Wild 94.1's WILD WHEELS in Tampa, FL (Same venue in which Lowrider Magazine did its show) making it its first out of town car show since 2008.
January-April 2019-
• Dimitris becomes first member to have Engraved parts on a car & first member with Engraved A-Arms & Rear Differential
August 8, 2020-
• Hampton, Virginia chapter opens for 2nd time under new leadership, led by Quinton Tucker.

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