Lowrider Magazine
May 2003 issue

Lowrider Magazine
August 2003 issue

Lowrider Bicycle Magazine
Summer 2003 issue

Lowrider Magazine
June 2004 issue

Lowrider Magazine
August 2004 issue

Miami New Times
December 16-22, 2004 issue

Lowrider Magazine
June 2005 issue

Lowrider Magazine
November 2005 issue

Viviendo magazine
Fall 2006 issue

The Braddock Times (G. Holmes Braddock Senior High school Newspaper)
December 2010 issue

Other Magazines...
-December 2002 Mixer Magazine: Page 66-69, Bling Bling Bikes
-October 2003 Lowrider Magazine: Page 223, Listing of Calendar

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